recovering in Vancouver

Last Wednesday I hurt myself up on Freight Train. I fell right off the trail landing way too much on my front wheel after a huge jump. I fell right into those trees and lucky as I am a young flexible tree was holding me back. If I wouldn’t have worn my armor and my full-faced helmet, I would be gone by now. It was time to get down to Vancouver to relax a bit.

Vancouver’s a great city! Whole downtown is surrounded by parks & beaches, you can go anywhere in downtown by foot or with a rent bike and it’s just somehow a quiet city even though it looks really busy if you see all those huge skyscrapers. North of downtown you’ll find the huge Stanley Park, a wonderful place to hang out. There’s nice beaches, interesting wildlife, Beaver Lake, the Lost Lagoon, huge trees, and the gigantic Lions Gate Bridge.

My first day I did everything by foot, walked all around Stanley Park’s boardwalk. It was winding like crazy. I have never seen something like this before – blue sky with a stormy crazy wind that almost blows you away. I was wondering how those people can live like this and how everybody says Vancouver belongs to the world’s top first places to live. But then that guy on the beach told me: «This is very very special! We have never had a wind like this before. Tomorrow will be different, it’ll be all quiet again!»

Vancouver downtown view from the Lions Gate Bridge:

In Standley Park you can find a whole bunch of wild animals. Around the Lost Lagoon there are a lot of racoons. Suddenly there was a whole family standing in front of me staring at me:

Friday and Saturday I was renting a bike on Robson St at Arash’s bike store. Don’t forget to trade in the bike rental coupon which can be found on the 3D city map and you’ll get a full-day rental for $17 (instead of $26). I forgot but Arash gave me a good price the second day.

On my first day I was swimming in the ocean on Third Beach. Water temperature was like 18°C but the wind was terribly cold. The second day I got to the pool on Second Beach – a nice swimming pool right next to the ocean with water temperature of 26°C. Riding a bike in Vancouver is a great thing, there are so many nice bike trails and you’ll get around so fast. If you need some camping or bike equipment, check out Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) in South Vancouver on W. Broadway/Columbia, right accross the Cambie Bridge.

For the two nights I stayed in HI-Downtown Hostel. It’s a huge hostel with not really a lot of charm, just a typical HI styled hostel. The first night was just horrible, they didn’t let us sleep at all. The fire alarm got off 3 times, the whole building had to be evacuated 3 times! Well, fireman didn’t care too much as the next fire station is just around the corner.

I will definitely go down to Vancouver again. It’s a really nice city! I could imagine living here becoming one of those bike messengers…

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