Porting Agavi’s shiny error handler to Zend Framework

Agavi-logoLast Tuesday I joined the Webtuesday Zurich meeting. David Zülke (project lead, Munich) gave a talk on Agavi Framework.

Agavi is a general purpose PHP application framework built around the Model-View-Controller architecture originally based on the Mojavi 3 Web application framework written by Sean Kerr. It provides a rich toolset that solves most of the routine problems in Web application development. (…)

There are some great ideas and programming techniques behind Agavi and a very bright engineering team. Congrats, David, that was a great presentation of a great project! Agavi is not yet well known in PHP community but you definitely should give it a try! There’s a well though-out architecture behind it.
There will be a webcast of David’s presentation available soon on Webtuesday Zurich.

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