Mariana-Trip to Silver Star & Sun Peaks

Ripping the trails of Silver Star (near Vernon, BC) & Sun Peaks (Kamloops, BC) was our idea. But then we couldn’t resist jumping into every lake on our way to Vernon. There are so many wonderful lakes in BC! Silver Star’s bike park is great! Some trails are even way better than anything in Whistler. Ripping down World Cup DH, Double Dog, Flow, Pipe Dream (a real dream!), and Rockstar. Shitty weather but a whole lot of fun with Mariana!

Ripping the trails of Silver Star in shitty muddy weather…

Mariana & me at Shuswap Lake…

Whistler, Whistler, Whistler

Long time no post on this blog… I’m still in Whistler. A lot happened, I met a lot of nice people, was riding a lot of crazy trails, just had a lot of fun.

Right, I’m a lucky guy to be here. My arm doesn’t hurt anymore that bad and for over a week now I can ride the park again. And that’s what I am here for!

When I got back from Vancouver Island there was the big Pemberton Music Festival going on on Pemby’s airport area, an open-air event with over 40,000 people. I got up with Anne right before the concert of Tom Petty started and instead of watching the concert from somewhere up on the mountain we just sneaked in jumping over a tiny creek. It was a great concert! Free falling…!! With a lot of dust in the air but we survived that.

Once my arm got better I started to ride again on those Lost Lake trails like Peaches en Regalia, Dinah Moe Humm, Fountain of Love, Pinocchio’s Furniture, Dwarf Nebula, Zoot Alures, Toads of the short forest, Gee I like your pants, Son of Mr Green Genes, Jellyroll Gumdrop – nice names, huh? To round this trip up, get up on the hill above Alpine, ride all the way up and take one of those steep downhill trails which brings you down to «A River Runs Through It» – a wonderful trail with tons of ladder bridges and teeter-totters.

Every Wednesday night they play a movie at Lost Lake – you should definitely check this out! (see Lunafliks) It’s wonderful to sit under the starry sky. Just watch out when you get out there on the valley trail, don’t run into a bear. Last time I almost did, just suddenly saw something black right in front of me. And look at this lovely bear:

On August 1st I met some Swiss guys, Sascha & Aurelia which I knew from back home. It was nice meeting them but we missed each other in the evening and I couldn’t celebrate Swiss national day  with them, there were just Czechs and Solovaks (thanks to Petr) around me at Merlin’s.

Aug 2nd Lili invited us for dinner at her apartment in Emerald’s. She prepared wonderful fish food and we spent such a funny night…
Beware of Emerald’s hoodie gang!

Now I’m ripping the park as much as I can. A week ago I met Jean and Mariana and did some great top-to-bottom riding with them. They are great riders! Look at Mariana’s wonderful smile after some wonderful tables on Freight Train:

The week after Crankworx I will go with her to rip the trails in Kamloops & Silver Star. This is gonna be great!

Last Wednesday Petr, Dom & Pascale took me up on the peak of Whistler mountain and we did some great DH all the way down to Creekside. You can get up there by chairlift only if you’re together with a bike patrol, so thanks a lot Dom for taking us up there!

Let’s make the rest of this post short… it’s just a lot of fun over here. That’s my plans: riding the park this last week and watch at least Crankworx’s slopestyle event on Saturday. Then some days with Mariana in Kamloops & Silver Star – will be great riding our bike there. After that I’m going on a road trip in the US to Yellowstone national park together with Lili. This will be great, she’s such a wonderful girl and we’re going to take our tent and rent a car in Seattle. That’s her:

Gotta get to the park now, Crankworx is going on…

Back in Whistler

Back in Whistler means back in the park, back on the steep trails, back crashing again on Schleyer. I twisted my arm and again, I’m out after just riding the park for another 3 days. Hell, I can’t go on like this. I’m here to ride my bike and not hanging around the whole day. At least, the weather’s nice so I’m heading again to Lost Lake.

This definitely was not my mistake, it was Schley’s. He shouldn’t have built that trail! We met Richie Schley at the after-Loonie-race-party and I gave him a punch for that…

At least I’m able to use my camera with my right arm. I took some nice shots of Arnaud, the Swiss rider I met in the park:

nice, ey?