Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Tips & Tricks

Warning: This article was written by a Windows/Linux User who just started to switch to OS X after a period of 10 macless years.

Two days ago I got my new Mac Mini and finally I’m serious about switching from Windows Vista to Mac OS X Leopard. It’s just too annoying to wait 4 years for a new Windows system which is worse than it’s predecessor and which might start to get useful as of SP1 which still is not out (my standby still does not work and I gave up on installing «SP1 beta pre-RC1» – what the hell?!!). Vista is more like a blown-up XP that does everything worse than XP. I like its user interface but not if I need to sacrifice 50% of my CPU-power on a powerful IBM T60p.

My first impression of OS X Leopard: WOW!
My second impression: If you go with all the defaults, it works like a charm. If you want to get a bit further, OS X is no way easier to fine tune as a Windows OS but still much easier as tuning a Linux.
My conclusion: Cool, Leopard rocks! But hey, be realistic, each OS got his pros and cons.

Here are my Tips & Tricks of the last two days…
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