Philip Iezzi

System Engineer


A Brief Biography

Philip Iezzi aka. Pipo is a primary system engineer and web application programmer. He’s a lot into Linux server technologies and network security and does web development since the year 1999. He devoted a lot of time into Open Source projects and he’s the author of the former PowerPhlogger (2000-2006), Pigalle, YaBook, and the Sourdough Application Framework for PHP. In 2003 he founded his own web hosting company, Onlime Webhosting. In 2005 he achieved his master degree in computer science and business informatics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Currently he is working at Datenpark as system engineer and spends a lot of time on various web projects, especially Airpane Controlpanel, a user administration backend and CRM for all Onlime Webhosting administration tasks. After some experience with Java and C# .NET at Credit-Suisse he is now focusing again strongly on PHP development with Zend Framework and Symfony.

Besides being such a technical guy, Pipo does a lot of biking. For several years he was working part-time as a bike messenger at Flash – the fastest messenger service of Zurich! Whenever he finds time, he’s hopping on his SantaCruz Nomad-C (the greatest bike ever!) or even the heavier VP-free freeride horse and goes riding in the mountains. There are tons of steep trails and bike parks in Switzerland!

In 2010 Pipo got a lovely daughter and he’s also looking after his stepson. Family life is another huge challenge, but Pipo loves children and their way of thinking and expressing themselves.

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projects & work

interests & expertise

Debian Linux Apache MySQL PHP Zend Framework Symfony3 MVC Virtualization technology Proxmox VE OpenVZ LXC ZFS on Linux pfSense Bootstrap jQuery Web development Network Security Network Architecture Server Architecture Bash scripting Ansible

My Skills

Zend Framework80%
Web Design60%
JS / jQuery50%

Acquired Certificates


Sun Certified Java Programmer

(Feb 2006)


Linux Professional Institute Certificate

(Jun 2008)


Zend Certified Engineer

(Jul 2010)


Zend Framework Certified Engineer

(Sep 2011)


Web Development with Symfony2 (level 1)

(Apr 2015)


Web Development with Symfony2 (level 2)

(Apr 2015)